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Build APIs You Won't Hate

Build APIs You Won't Hate

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Nhà xuất bản: LeanPub

Xuất bản: 03/2016

Số trang: 194

Tác giả: Phil Sturgeon


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Phil Sturgeon

Phil Sturgeon

Since 2010 I've worked as a freelancer, consultant, Head of API, and CTO, for several API-centric technology startups. Most recently I have been working as an internal API consultant for WeWork, where I used my experience to help educate developers, define standards for API design and architecture, and work on open-source tooling like OpenAPI, JSON Schema, and HTTP. WeWork has 50+ APIs, and trying to get them all playing nicely together was a constant source of learning for me and those involved. Timeouts, circuit breakers, using service mesh instead of just hoping for the best, nd generally focusing on better design, leveraging async whenever possible, and all sorts of other interesting issues. When I'm not fighting APIs I'm riding bikes. Racing them, crashing them, or rolling around with my mates, I'm either on two wheels, writing about tech, having a cider, or D) all of the above.

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