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Easy Laravel 5 A Hands On Introduction Using a Real-World Project

Easy Laravel 5 A Hands On Introduction Using a Real-World Project

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Nhà xuất bản: LeanPub

Xuất bản: 06/2015

Số trang: 289

Tác giả: W. Jason Gilmore


Introduction Introducing the HackerPair Companion Project About this Book About W. Jason Gilmore Errata and Suggestions Chapter 1. Introducing Laravel Installing the Laravel Installer Managing Your Local Laravel Project Hosting Environment Perusing the HackerPair Skeleton Code Configuring Your Laravel Application Useful Development and Debugging Tools Testing Your Laravel Application Conclusion Chapter 2. Managing Your Project Controllers, Layout, Views, and Other Assets Creating Your First View Creating Your First Controller Managing Your Application Routes Introducing the Blade Template Engine Integrating Images, CSS and JavaScript Introducing Laravel Mix Project Exercise: Build the HackerPair Skeleton Testing the Project Skeleton with Laravel Dusk Conclusion Chapter 3. Talking to the Database Configuring Your Project Database Introducing the Eloquent ORM Creating Your First Model Introducing Migrations Seeding the Database Introducing Resourceful (RESTful) Controllers Creating a Resourceful Controller Tweaking Your Eloquent Queries Introducing Query Builder Summary Chapter 4. Customizing Your Models Managing Model Dates and Times Defining Accessors and Mutators Introducing Query Scopes Creating Sluggable URLs Testing Your Models Summary Chapter 5. Creating, Updating, and Deleting Data Inserting Records Into the Database Updating Existing Records Deleting Records Implementing the Event Controller’s Remaining Resourceful Actions Integrating Flash Notifications Updating an Event Conclusion Chapter 6. Validating User Input Introducing Validation Rules Introducing Form Requests Chapter 7. Creating and Managing Model Relationships Introducing Relations Introducing One-to-One Relations Introducing the Belongs To Relationship Introducing One-to-Many (Has Many) Relationships Introducing Many-to-Many Relations Introducing Has Many Through Relations Introducing Polymorphic Relations Eager Loading Conclusion Chapter 8. Sending E-mails Creating the Contact Form Creating the Contact Form Request Configuring Laravel’s Mail Component Generating the Mailable Class Protecting Your Form with a CAPTCHA Summary Chapter 9. Authenticating and Managing Your Users Registering Users Retrieving the Authenticated User Restricting Forms to Authenticated Users Adding Custom Fields to the Registration Form Allowing Login Using a Username Integrating OAuth with Laravel Socialite Summary Chapter 10. Creating a Restricted Administration Console Identifying Administrators Creating the Administration Controllers Restricting Access to the Administration Console Summary Chapter 11. Introducing Events and Notifications Chapter 11. Introducing Vue.js Installing Vue Creating Your First Component Responding to Browser Events Working with Props Rendering Lists Nesting Components Integrating AJAX Requests with Axios Summary Chapter 12. Creating an Application API with Laravel Passport API Fundamentals Introducing Laravel’s API Infrastructure Creating an API Endpoint Creating New Events via the API Introducing Laravel Passport Conclusion

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W. Jason Gilmore

W. Jason Gilmore

W. Jason Gilmore ( is author of several bestselling books, including Easy Laravel 5 ( and Beginning PHP and MySQL, Fourth Edition (Apress). He's a software developer and consultant who has spent much of the past 17 years helping companies of all sizes build amazing solutions. Recent projects include a Stripe-powered SaaS for the interior design industry, an e-commerce analytics application for a globally recognized publisher, a Linux-powered autonomous environmental monitoring buoy, and a 10,000+ product online store.Over the years Jason has authored nine books on web development, published more than 300 articles within popular publications such as, JSMag, and Linux Magazine, and instructed hundreds of students in the United States and Europe. Jason is co-founder of the wildly popular [CodeMash Conference](, the largest multi-day developer event in the Midwest.Away from the keyboard, you'll often find Jason hanging out with his family, hunched over a chess board, and having fun with DIY electronics.

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