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Laravel 5 Essentials

Đây là một cuốn sách cần thiết cho tất cả những ai đang học Laravel
Laravel 5 Essentials

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ISBN: 978-1785283017

Nhà xuất bản: Packt

Xuất bản: 04/2015

Số trang: 144

Tác giả: Martin Bean

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Preface Chương 1: An Introduction to Laravel The need for frameworks 2 The limitations of homemade tools 2 Laravel to the rescue 2 A new approach to developing PHP applications 3 A more robust HTTP foundation 3 Embracing PHP 4 Laravel's main features and sources of inspiration 5 Expressiveness and simplicity 7 Prettifying PHP 7 Responsibilities, naming, and conventions 8 Helping you become a better developer 10 Structure of a Laravel application 10 The service container and request lifecycle 12 Exploring Laravel 12 Changes in Version 5 from Version 4 13 Summary 14 Chapter 2: Setting Up a Development Environment 15 Meeting Composer 15 Working with the command line 16 Meet Homestead 17 Installing Homestead 17 Everyday usage of Homestead 20 Adding additional websites 20 Connecting to your databases 21 Creating a new Laravel application 21 Summary 22Table of Contents [ ii ] Chapter 3: Your First Application 23 Planning our application 24 Entities, relationships, and attributes 24 The map of our application 24 Starting the application 25 Setting the application namespace 26 Writing the first routes 26 Restricting the route parameters 27 Handling HTTP exceptions 27 Performing redirections 27 Returning views 28 Preparing the database 28 Creating Eloquent models 29 Building the database schema 30 Seeding the database 33 Mastering Blade 34 Creating a master view 34 Back to the routes 36 The overview page 36 Displaying a cat's page 38 Route-model binding 38 Adding, editing, and deleting cats 39 Moving from simple routing to powerful controllers 43 Resource controllers 45 Summary 45 Chapter 4: Eloquent ORM 47 Retrieving data 48 Filtering records 49 Saving data 50 Mass assignment 51 Deleting data 52 Soft deletion 52 Including deleted models in results 53 Query scopes 54 Relationships 55 One-to-one 55 Many-to-many 56 Storing data in the pivot table 58 Has-many-through 58 Polymorphic relations 59 Many-to-many polymorphic relations 60Table of Contents [ iii ] Model events 61 Registering event listeners 61 Model observers 62 Collections 62 Checking whether a key exists in a collection 63 Summary 64 Chapter 5: Testing – It's Easier Than You Think 65 The benefits of testing 66 The anatomy of a test 66 Unit testing with PHPUnit 68 Defining what you expect with assertions 68 Preparing the scene and cleaning up objects 69 Expecting exceptions 69 Testing interdependent classes in isolation 70 End-to-end testing 70 Testing – batteries included 71 Framework assertions 71 Impersonating users 72 Testing with a database 72 Inspecting the rendered views 74 Summary 74 Chapter 6: A Command-line Companion Called Artisan 75 Keeping up with the latest changes 75 Inspecting and interacting with your application 76 Fiddling with the internals 77 Turning the engine off 77 Fine-tuning your application 78 Caching routes 78 Generators 79 Rolling out your own Artisan commands 80 Creating the command 80 The anatomy of a command 81 Writing the command 82 Scheduling commands 84 Viewing the output of scheduled commands 85 Summary 86 Chapter 7: Authentication and Security 87 Authenticating users 87 Creating the user model 87 Creating the necessary database schema 90Table of Contents [ iv ] Authentication routes and views 92 Middleware 94 Validating user input 97 Form requests 98 Securing your application 100 Cross-site request forgery 100 Escaping content to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) 101 Avoiding SQL injection 101 Using mass assignment with care 102 Cookies – secure by default 102 Forcing HTTPS when exchanging sensitive data 103 Summary 103 Appendix: An Arsenal of Tools 105 Array helpers 105 The usage examples of array helpers 106 String and text manipulation 108 Boolean functions 108 Transformation functions 108 Inflection functions 109 Dealing with files 109 File uploads 111 Sending e-mails 112 Easier date and time handling with Carbon 113 Instantiating Carbon objects 113 Outputting user-friendly timestamps 114 Boolean methods 114 Carbon for Eloquent DateTime properties 114 Don't wait any longer with queues 115 Creating a command and pushing it onto the queue 115 Listening to a queue and executing jobs 117 Getting notified when a job fails 117 Queues without background processes 118 Where to go next? 118 Index 119

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Martin Bean

Martin Bean

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