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Laravelista A Collection of Laravel Tutorials

Laravelista A Collection of Laravel Tutorials

Thông tin sách

Nhà xuất bản: LeanPub

Xuất bản: 03/2017

Số trang: 388

Tác giả: Mario Bašić


About the Author About the Book Getting Started Elementary Laravel Laravel on Windows with Homestead Laravel on Windows with Laragon Configure Laravel 5 for Shared Hosting The HTTP Layer Handling Nested Resources Route Caching in Laravel Laravel Forms & HTML Different ways of validating requests Validating Form Arrays Creating Custom Validation Rules Frontend: Compiling Assets Sublimely Magnificent Laravel Mix Laravel Mix Without Laravel Laravel Elixir Without Laravel General Topics Sitemap for better SEO RSS feed for news readers Newsletter subscription with MailChimp PHPUnit Code Coverage Analysis Creating a Sitemap with Bard 2.0 Bard 2.0 and Laravel Multilingual Web Application with Laravel API Development Laravel API 101 Write better API documentation with API Blueprint Database & Eloquent ORM Paginating a collection of different models MySQL ON DELETE CASCADE or SET NULL Dropping a composite primary key on a pivot table Understanding Pagination Presenters Testing Laravel 5 with Codeception Lumen 5 with Codeception Deployment Deploy Laravel with Envoy Advanced Laravel Envoy Deploying a Laravel App from GitHub to Heroku Server Administration Bash Scripting Introduction Upgrade to PHP 7 on Ubuntu 14.04 Secure Nginx with Let’s Encrypt on Ubuntu 14.04 Using SSH to execute commands on a remote server Extras JSON Web Token Authentication for Lumen REBOOT What is a canonical tag? Loading your own fork of a third party library The End

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Mario Bašić

Mario Bašić

Web developer, Laravel enthusiast, IT manager and soon to be father.

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